An inspirational tidbit for Friday



The American Board of Opticianry has Accredited me as a Technical Level I and Level II Speaker. I can now develop credit courses for those seeking continuing education to fulfill their American Board of Opticianry continuing education credit. I’m honored by their trust in me with this accreditation, and I look forward to training many opticians in the future.

My focus is their success.


We are off… #TIConv14 Around the world with Lora.

With the thunderstorms in Dallas this morning, our flight was delayed 30 minutes. We boarded the aircraft, and just as the door was closing, Dallas was closed. This meant we has to de-plane. It also meant we would miss our connecting flight.
We were able to rebook our travel in a different direction. Instead of going from Dallas to Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur, we would now travel east. St. Louis to Charlotte to Frankfurt, to Kuala Lumpur. Our bags, however, went to Dallas without us. I was frustrated.
Well, here I am, as I write this, on a plane at 22000 ft headed for Charlotte. With the help of the staff at the Admiral’s Club in St. Louis our bags will be on a plane from Dallas to Frankfurt and just may be there before us. Then we can all go to Malaysia together.
Lora, my traveling partner for life, reminded me that since we are now headed west to east, and our return trip is also west to east, we will completely circumnavigate the globe. That makes us truly “World Travelers.”


Something from @Toastmasters was in the mail today.

Today I received notification that I had earned the Competent Communicator Designation through the Toastmasters International Education Program. This works together with the Competent Leader Designation I received last month. I have a set. Although I am very proud of this accomplishment, I am taking a few moments to reflect upon what exactly this means.
These pieces of paper mean that I have completed a course of training designed to give me a skill set to efficiently and persuasively communicate my ideas, and also to effectively and confidently implement those ideas in a group. Those are big words, and they come with big responsibilities. Ones that I welcome.
This training has led to to understand that I have much more to learn, and that things that I have learned must be passed on. Most importantly, I need to use these skills to inspire others to achieve their own greatness, realize their potentials. It is in the next generation that our legacy lies. Will they be a credit to our tutaledge?



The Boxter, the rain, and a positive attitude.

Yesterday as I was leaving the grocery store, I came out to discover a torrential rain was falling. Having left my umbrella in the car, I was left with two choices: run for it or wait it out. I was not inclined to wait as I had things to do, so I hunkered down, and made a dash.

Those who know me well, know me as a Gremlin, in that you should not feed me after midnight, and never, ever get me wet. I get grumpy.

As I splashed my way to my car, I saw a beautiful Porsche Boxter parked next to my more humble vehicle. I slid my soggy, grumpy body into my car’s driver’s seat and looked at the Porsche. Something was very wrong.

It was a convertible, and the top was halfway up and the hard cover in the back was at an unnatural angle, obviously stuck. The driver was standing beside the drenched super car, on the phone, in the rain, and laughing. Laughing. He could see the humor in the predicament and his actions lightened my mood. If he could laugh in the face of this, then I could shake off a bit of rain like an Irish setter after a walk.

Maybe a little rain doesn’t have to mean a grumpy David after all.


@Toastmasters TLI today…

Today, at the District 8 Toastmasters Leadership Institute, I presented a breakout educational session on Vocal Variety and Gestures. It was well attended, (60+) and by all accounts I heard, well received. I had a great time, and the attendees asked many great questions. This was my first session as the presenter.
My next presentation will be at Hickey College in July. I am speaking to a senior class about overcoming obsticles.